The Team

 CEO, Thomas KaiserFoto Thomas

Thomas received the PhD degree in 1995 and habilitation degree in 2001, both in the area of Digital Signal Processing. After that he headed the Department of Wireless Chips & Systems of the Fraunhofer Institute of Microelectronic Circuits and Systems, Duisburg, and from 2002 to 2006 he co-leaded Europe’s largest MIMO research team at the University of Duisburg-Essen. In 2005 and 2007, he was visiting professor in Stanford’s Smart Antenna Research Group and Princeton’s EE department, respectively, and in 2006 he headed the Institute of Communication Technology at Leibniz University of Hannover. Since 2011 he leads the Institute of Digital Signal Processing at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Thomas is founder of 3 start-up companies and published more than 200 scientific papers and journals.



CTO, Marc HoffmannFoto Marc

Marc received his Dipl.-Ing degree in Electrical Engineering from Technische Universität Berlin in 1994. 1995 he started with Nokia, where he was first involved in the development of 100Hz TV systems. In 1996 he joined the research department of Nokia mainly active in ASIC designs implementing the physical layer of the 2 and 2.5G core network. Afterwards he led several research activities on various communication technologies comprising Galileo positioning and WLAN or LTE. From 2009 to 2013 Marc was with Research In Motion (RIM) in the LTE development group. Besides LTE and 3G PHY development he was involved in different evaluation studies in the area of SDR and TV White Spaces for mobile devices. Since 2013 Marc is developing a real-time UWB RFID platform for prototyping with the Institute of Digital Signal Processing at the University of Duisburg-Essen.



Business Development,Foto Bernd

Bernd brings over thirty years experience in the
sales and services sector with companies such as Computer Associates and Tektronix. He was Sales Director for Test and Certifications Services at test house 7 Layers with global responsibility, and standardization activities. He was part of the management team for mimoOn/CommAgility. Bernd holds a Diploma degree in Electrical Engineering.



Advisor, Jürgen GötzeFoto Juergen

Jürgen received his Dipl.–Ing. and Dr.–Ing. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Munich University of Technology in 1987 and 1990, respectively. From 1991 to 1992 he held a research position at the Computer Science Department of Yale University. From 1992 to 1995 he was with the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of Munich University of Technology . From 1995 to 1996 he was with the DSP group of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Rice University . Since 1997 he is Professor (Information Processing Lab) at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of TU Dortmund University. He served as Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Part I: Fundamental Theory and Applications from 1997 to 1999. His research interests include: signal and array processing, wireless communications, parallel algorithms and architectures, system-on-chip.